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Finally, after 7 years of waiting, RUCK UP has it's new Challege Coin for it's 10th Anniversary!

Be part of the ongoing efforts to make a difference in the lives of the Veteran's we work with by holding a piece of the Challenge!

Our new coin is shaped and roughly the size of a dog tag, as a salute to all Veteran's service, just like the flag on the front and the medallions of the different branches do, with the RUCK UP medallion in the middle. It comes complete with the drilled dog tag hole so you can carry it, wear it with your tags, or even put it on your key chain. The reverse bears the design from the original RUCK UP coin, our motto, and 3 pillars of what we do.

** PRE-ORDER NOW** This item will go fast as it is a limited run, and as soon as they come in, we will ship!! As soon as we know our ship date from the manufacturer, we will post!

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